Facts About Coprolite Or Dinosaur Poop

Brontosaurus or brachiosaurus are the herbivorous dinosaurs which were as huge as a large house and they used to eat tons of plants each day to survive. However, not many people know that these dinosaurs also pooped as much as they ate! Dinosaur poop is referred to as coprolite. Other animals, which were relatively smaller than the dinosaurs, used the nutrients in the dinosaur poop.

As the plants need some manure, the poop of the dinosaur which was produced in tons on a daily basis, helped them to grow healthily. This enabled the forests in the dinosaur era to be fertile and green which, in turn, helped the dinosaur to get its food which became poop and then manure. It was like a never-ending cycle.

Researchers can say whether a dinosaur ate plant or meat by analyzing the fossil of the dinosaur poop. There is also a possibility to know what kind of plant or animal the dinosaurs consumed.

Sometimes arguments arise related to coprolite. Some of the coprolites, which were found in India, say that the dinosaurs lived on grass which the scientists say would have not existed at the time of the dinosaurs. This grass is said to be evolved 55 to 65 million years ago. These coprolites produce the evidence that gondwanatheres evolved with its teeth adaptable to eat the grass.

In 1998, a coprolite was found in Saskatchewan, Canada, which was 19 inches in length and around 6 inches in thickness. It is thought to be the largest fossil of coprolite till date. This coprolite is also said to have remains of bone and blood vessels, and it is the belief of the archeologists that it belongs to a T. Rex, which lived in North America some 60 million years ago. But to know which coprolite belongs to a particular dinosaur is nearly impossible.

However, fossils of dinosaur poop are quite important for paleontologists as they give them more information about the eating habits of dinosaurs.

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